About AcryliCon®

AcryliCon® is the foremost manufacturer and installer of industrial flooring. Having started in 1978 in Norway, AcryliCon® is now operating internationally with offices in UK, America, Canada, Norway, Lithuania, Middle East and Europe. AcryliCon® was started after finding that most customers have the same requirements for industrial floors. Our floors are hygienic, good looking, easy to clean, slip resistant and long lasting with minimal repairs.


In 1976, a Norwegian chemical engineer recognized that if resins were to be used successfully in flooring then it would be necessary to chemically engineer a system that combined the best qualities of the main generic resins, whilst at the same time winning the confidence and satisfying the requirements of the client. A 1977 survey of industrial clients in the Food and Engineering industries indicated that 95% of them had the same basic flooring requirements, (although not always in the same order of preference).
In addition, the controlled installation of the floor system would give the only true guarantee of performance to the client. In response to this research, in 1977 the ‘AcryliCon® System’ was born. Today the flooring requirements of the food processing and industrial client remain the same as in 1977. During the past twenty years, AcryliCon® Systems has secured its position as the foremost manufacturer and installer of industrial floors by consistently proving the longevity of its installations, a longevity matched by Bjorn Hegstad who remains actively involved as CEO of AcryliCon® Group.

Why Choose AcryliCon®?

  • Perhaps the most important of AcryliCon’s® benefits is that of long term confidence, a confidence that AcryliCon®, as the foremost manufacturer, installer and warrantor of industrial floors, shares with customers worldwide. AcryliCon® demonstrates this confidence by sinking a dated stainless steel ingot into each new floor, a true mark of confidence for the long term. Over the years AcryliCon® has learned some valuable lessons.
  • Decision makers can often change over 10 years or more, and marking the floor ensures continuity under new management.
  • Prospective clients have trouble believing how old our references are.
  • It is important for observers to know how long the floor has been meeting or exceeding, the initial design criteria.
  • Customers do not always remember how long they have had their AcryliCon® floor.
  • The placing of the ingot is independent of the floor installation and provides a core sample for Quality Assurance evaluation.
  • Because at AcryliCon® we are proud of what we do and have confidence in AcryliCon® Systems.
  • AcryliCon® does not fear the age of its references – how many other, if any, flooring systems can claim this level of confidence?
  • Because other floors can be made to look like AcryliCon® floors, we need to clearly identify ‘AcryliCon® Systems’.

AcryliCon® Systems


Acrylicon Décor System is a 4mm quartz filled, trowel applied coating with excellent slip resistance values, longevity and cleanability. Coved skirting can be produced, and due to Acrylicon’s unique ability to chemically bond, it is truly seamless with the floor.

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The Acrylicon Flake System is 2-3mm thick and encapsulates decorative flakes within its chemically bonded monolithic structure. The system is designed for heavy traffic and moderate industrial use, combining unparalleled longevity with great aesthetics and is available in a multitude of colors.

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The Acrylicon Lacquer System is a fully reactive, low viscosity resin based system that cures rapidly to produce a hard and abrasion resistant surface with good resistance to a variety of chemicals.

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The Acrylicon Multi-Grip System is an industrial mono-colour system which can be elasticised for areas with high thermal and mechanical stresses and outdoor applications. The thickness of the system is 2-4mm. The system is suitable for car parks, walkways and ramps due to the integral slip resistance. Fibreglass arming can be installed within the system for added protection against movement cracking.

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